ACFIC released report on the monitoring of labor relations in private enterprises

Date:2019-12-30 20:09:00

The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce’s (ACFIC)12th executive committee held its second meeting on Dec. 26, 2018, where ACFIC’s Vice President Lu Yong released a report on the monitoring of labor relations in private enterprises. 

According to the report, private enterprises have made active efforts according to the promotion and coordination by the central government. They have acquired more standardized employment, put more efforts to ensure wage payment, steadily implemented the system of working hours and vacations, significantly improved the situation of group participating in insurance, and steadily improved corporation internal consultation and coordination mechanism. 

In a word, the labor relations in private enterprises are generally harmonious and stable, which maintains a good momentum of development.

In order to fully understand the status of labor relations in private enterprises, the ACFIC and the Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security have worked on monitoring labor relations since 2014.

After years of exploration, they’ve set up a monitoring framework including employment, wage distribution, working hours and vacations, social insurance, and consultation and coordination mechanism and so forth. 

And they have also generated annual reports. As in this year, it’s also the first time for the report to be released on the meeting of ACFIC’s executive committee.

In the future, the ACFIC will continue implementing President Xi Jinping’s instruction on building harmonious labor relations and the related arrangements by the central government. It will guide private enterprises to carefully fulfill corporation organizing functions and actively participating in the tripartite coordination mechanism (government, trade union, enterprise) so as to build harmonious labor relations and promote healthy development of private enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

At the same time, it will also strengthen the building of a regular monitoring system, expanding the coverage effectively and improving the monitoring quality on a long-term and regular basis, to make it an exclusive brand.
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